YASAN Launcher: 21.12 Update

YASAN Launcher’s latest major update is now available! This month’s major update brings app shortcut support, easier app management, new customization options & more.

Improved App Options Menu

As mentioned on the 21.11 Update blog post the new app options menu bottom sheet was meant for new features in the upcoming releases. The first wave of these new features is now available on 21.12!

App Shortcut Support

App shortcuts are finally supported & launching them affects your AI suggestions.


  • Requires Android 7.1+.
  • Requires the launcher to be the default home app.
App Shortcuts on YASAN Launcher

App shortcuts are currently only visible on App Options Menu but they might be integrated into the other parts of the launcher as well soon. Due to the unique layout of YASAN Launcher, I cannot add an app shortcut pin feature like other standard launchers do and have to find the proper way of handling them so they don't feel out of place.

App Management

Organizing your apps can be an annoying task depending on the number of apps you have installed. Using its powerful AI, YASAN Launcher eliminates the need to organize your apps to make them easily accessible when needed. But you are able to organize your apps more manually using folders, dashboard shortcuts, app hide & app pin.

These 4 organization methods were previously only accessible from their own screens which were hard to access but now you can access them all by opening the app options menu of any app.

App Management using App Options Menu


You can now fully customize the app options menu from the new App Options Screen (accessible from the main Options screen).

App Options Menu Screen

Note: App Pin & App Hide are both premium-only features and cannot be enabled on App Options Menu unless you are a premium user.

Feedback Screen

I recently created a public GitHub repository for named yasan-launcher-issues. Anyone can create issues on it for bug reports or feature requests.

You can use the new Feedback screen to easily create new issues on the repository.

Feel free to create new issues on the repository if you are experiencing a bug or want to request a new feature. Please just check if that issue is not already created.

Also, I do use this repository to manage my own tasks so you can check the repository to see what is being worked on at any moment.

Dashboard Branding Footer

YASAN Launcher’s name, logo & major version name are now visible on the bottom of the Dashboard. You can disable it from the Dashboard Options screen.

News Support

The launcher is now capable of showing news on top of the main options screen. This will be mainly used for news about the latest major updates.

Other Changes


  • Slider value changes are now animated.
  • Tons of minor UI adjustments.
  • Premium pop-up is now converted to a bottom sheet.
  • App’s version name & code are now visible on App Options Menu.
  • The clickable area of apps (and the ripple effect) is now rounded.
  • Back buttons’ clickable area on Drawer & Dashboard is now rounded.
  • Now if the launcher is not set as the default launcher a warning will be shown on the main options screen.
  • If the other version of YASAN launcher is installed, its version name will be shown on the Changelog screen.

Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements

  • Fix crash when wallpaper cannot be loaded due to reasons other than missing permissions.
  • Fix App Options Menu crashes sometimes when trying to check if the app can be uninstalled or not.
  • Fix launcher crashing sometimes when trying to navigate back to the Home screen.
  • Some toggles and related text are updated to be more clear.

Default Value Changes

  • Crossfade is now disabled by default.


  • Major improvements & optimizations on how home button clicks are handled fixing some previously present weird behaviors.
  • Optimizations on how AI events are recorded.
  • Optimizations on Drawer’s apps are updated in the list layout.
  • Optimized how & when folders & app shortcuts are updated.
  • Compose (UI Toolkit) updated to v1.0.5 from v1.0.4.
  • Improved anonymous analytics.
  • Improved accessibility.

Final Words

YASAN Launcher 21.12 is now available to download on the Google Play store. Update now to enjoy all these new improvements!

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