Artwalls 2.0 —What To Expect

I recently started working on a new major version of Artwalls & just wanted to update the userbase about the future of Artwalls.

I started the project a few months ago but did not put much time into it. After publishing YASAN Launcher 22.01 now I can focus on Artwalls again.

What To Expect

Improved Inspirations

I am trying to emphasize the features that make Artwalls unique such as being able to see the inspiration and thought that went into each artwork/wallpaper.

I always used Artwalls as a way to express myself. It might not be obvious to many users but almost every wallpaper marks a special moment in my life. For version 2.0, I want to let users be able to know more about the story behind each wallpaper.

I'm currently working on some features to enhance the inspiration feature including Wallpaper Stories, Inspiration Groups & providing more information about each wallpaper and inspiration in general.

Less Paid Features

I have decided to make wallpaper downloads free on the new version. I'm still unsure about what features will be paid but Automatic Wallpaper Changer is probably going to be one of them.

In general, there will be much less monetization on the new version.

Updated Wallpapers

The collection of wallpapers is going to be updated for the new version. Some previously available [weak] wallpapers will be removed & there will be new ones added with the release of the new version.

I have to note that “LittleIvyHope”, “ixnivh” (their request) & “Overwatch League” collections will be fully removed from the next release which means there will not be any other artists other than myself on the new version. Although I might collaborate with some new artists later on.

Other Improvements

I'm experimenting with many different things as I am trying not to just recreate the old version as it would be pointless. I have finalized some major new features which unfortunately I cannot talk about yet but I cant wait to do so.

If you have any suggestions for new features feel free to contact me!

Final Words

I cannot wait until I share more about Artwalls 2.0 with you but until then you can use the previous version using the links below. I'm aiming to release the initial version in February 2022.

Thank you for reading,


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